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Race prep for the French pyrenees 🇫🇷

This is what I categorise as the start of my running season here in the French pyrenees. 

The last few weeks, 6 to be exact has been challenging to fit in the training. 

We have looked at been able to cover the distance of 19km which is not a big deal. Add the continuous gradient changes to this, along with the unprecedented weather we get here in the high mountains of the Pyrenees. 

We have completed sessions of hill repeats, along with endurance runs with climbs at the end and of course a steady segmented climb on another col. 

We have also been to the track at the local University for both recovery and focused sessions. 

This week is about the taper and getting recovery before the event whilst making sure we don't tighten up on pick up any niggles. 

Trying to clean up the nutrition end of things has always been difficult for me, so I have had a little more focus on this end of things over the past few weeks. If I am heavy over the 19km of continuous climbing it is just going to make the outing so much tougher for me. 

Weather forecast for the weekend is mixed. Race starts at 08h30. Broken thunderstorms expected. This will mean a chance of humidity, sunshine and rain. 

Next session is tomorrow. Outdoor trail run and stretch. 

Saturday morning I have a Spinning/indoor cycling Class to teach, easy does it. 

Then Sunday morning it's off to the high mountains for the race.

So for now it's a good bye from the Pyrenees. 

Montee Col d'Aubisque

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